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Evaluation Process for NGO partners

We value the trust and faith the donors place in us. Hence, we follow a strict evaluation criterion to pick the right organization to maximize the social return on the investment.

Since the selection process is based on an entirely objective set of criteria, no person can influence the selection. The process is methodical and every organisation has to clear each step to be finally profiled on our site. Organisations must be registered non-profits that implement social development projects in India, with no political affiliations.

Evaluation Process

Step-1 : A NGO registers on our website.

Step-2  : We evaluate the NGO based on a combination of following factors.
  • We speak with the promoters to understand their commitment and motivations.
  • We examine copies of annual Reports, legal registration documents.
  • We make site visits to their offices / project sites to see their past work.
  • We seek references and understand their current funding resources.
  • Project Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation capability
  • Review of the Financial Systems: book keeping and accounting practices, accounting systems used, funds disbursement process etc.

Step-3: If the NGO is found suitable, we sign a MOU whereby the NGO commits to certain norms of working with Karmic. This includes sending of feedback reports, allowing verification of utiliization of funds etc.

Step-4 : We have an annual renewal process. We get a chance to discuss with the NGOs their performance in terms of utilization of funds and internal systems for delivery. Subject to successful evaluation of this process the registration is renewed.

Rating System

We are going to introduce a rating system for all our NGOs. Based on parameters in terms of utilization of funds, work delivery efficiency, internal systems and other criterion we will provide a rating. Donors will be able to choose from better rated NGOs while donating. It will also help motivate NGOs to improve their processes and delivery to attract more funds.

Project  Review

Karmic uses a participatory review approach to measure the progress of the project against predefined indicators. As a developmental support organization Karmic helps the NGO establish and develop programs to achieve the desired social change.

The review process involves:
Visiting the centers and assessing the results.

  • Meetings with the beneficiary community
  • Review of the systems and procedures at the center: e.g. attendance registers, progress cards, stock inventory etc
  • Discussions with the staff to understand field problems
  • Review of the internal monitoring and reporting mechanisms
  • Financial review of vouchers, books and ledgers.
  • Photographs and press clippings
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